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Everybody is dressing up in fun and scary costumes and visiting people for Tricks and Treats!

Get free environments and items by going to participating locations listed below. Click the Mossms Halloween Spooktakular signs you'll find at each location to receive a free Mossmy treat!

After you have collected 50 Mossmy treats you will rewarded with a Fancy new Limited Edition Halloween Mossm. Please pay attention to your item deliveries. The Mossm will arrive at the exact same time as your 50th treat. If you don't see it in your inventory, check the top right of your screen, click the little grey box to open the window to accept it.

Trick-or-Treat locations will appear at different times of the day so be sure to check back here often so you don't miss any.

There are 20 locations to Trick or Treat at but you need to collect 50 items to complete the event. This means you will have to visit each location multiple times to complete the event. Every kiosk has a 1 hour cool down. This means that once you click a kiosk you will have to wait one hour before it will let you click it again.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Quest Journal

Collect the following items: