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What's all this then
Mossms produce resources, which you can use to buy mossms and fun stuff.

Mossms play and work in environments. Different kinds of environments help mossms produce different kinds of resources:

  • Slack comes from rest and relaxing
  • Blossms from plant farming
  • Zip from exercising
  • Teq high technology and other glowy things
  • Lux luxurious relaxtion and refined culture
When your mossms are in an environment, they're producing one of those things. You can then use those resources to breed or to buy environments shown here.

Your Resources

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For Babies
Baby mossms need a place to hang out and learn so they can become healthy, productive members of society. Baby mossms generate Slack while in baby environments, about half as much as adults generate.


Fun and Relaxation
Mossms are very gifted in the art of relaxation and love slacking off at work.


Growing Blossms is essential to the Mossm lifestyle. Not only do they love working outdoors, but they need Blossms for space adventures!


Mossms love working out so much that they are banned from every gym in the UNIVERSE. Fortunately, Uranus Gym Equipment Ltd. has developed a series of exercise equipment built to endure intense Mossm workouts.


It's only through technological advancements that Mossms have found this planet, and they still have a lot to learn!


Elegance and Luxury
Thruston & Peabody offers the finest in luxury items from around the galaxy. Bring your Mossms to the next level of culture and sophistication so they can start producing Lux!


Other Things
You might find these things useful.


Things used in sports
These are accessories and special items used if your critters are going to achieve their full potential in the exciting world of sports.