Christmas Event Host SignUps

Dec. 13, 2016
7 years, 5 months ago
Edited 7 years, 5 months ago by Asymmetrical

Thanks everyone for signing up! I really appreciate it and look forward to exploring your locations!

The kiosks have been sent to everyone that signed up. Please take note of the kiosk instructions:

When you rez the kiosk, please set it to Mossms Community group. It will not work if not set to the proper group. The kiosk will be red and offline when you rez it. This is normal. It cannot be activated until the event starts tomorrow. After the event begins you can click the sign to activate it. When you click it - your location will be added to the event.

Also, please be aware... I did not inspect your locations ahead of time. I trust that everyone that signed up read and understood our requirements. If I find locations that do not meet our requirements they will be removed from the event without notice - so double check to make sure you know what they are! I hate to be a jerk about this topic but the event is for the Mossms community not to promote your non-mossm businesses.

These are the registered hosts that I sent kiosks to. If you signed up on this thread and I missed you please let me know. No new signups are being accepted at this time.
1. Avroran
2. nimfettka
3. Alma draegonne
4. Icalliei
5. Keneu Karu
6. Davedawg
7. Assie
8. Djana74
9. Maitrenniceday
10. Tamara ormega
11. Snowyummy
12. Surfaqua oh
13. Shari
14. Crux
15. Tania
16. Ryu latzo
17. Stela hermit
18. Tom Fizz
19. Sloan Macintyre
20. Buttercup
21. solyyy
22. BrendaLee Fredriksson
23. IsabelleaMarieRose

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