The Cliff Notes

Mossms™ are fun and zany space creatures that have come to our world to gather certain resources that appear to be in short supply or no longer exist in their space communities.

In order to mate, Mossms must return to space. Of course, space travel and the courting ritual both require resources. In other words, your Mossms will need to work for a living!

Mossms are incredibly interactive. Mossms know when an avatar is near and will respond to the avatar's presence. In addition, Mossms interact with other Mossms as well as their surroundings.

Each newly born Mossm possesses genetics from its parents. In addition, space exploration can cause genetic anomalies. The end result is an extensive array of possible breeds just waiting to be discovered.



Every Mossm contains genetic material from its parents and from the planet it was born on. Mossm family members often closely resemble other family members but they generally have other traits that distinguish them from their siblings. For example, two Mossms might be the same color but have different hair styles or they could be different colors while sharing the same markings.

In addition, varying conditions in space can sometimes causes anomalies in the DNA patterns. When this happens the resulting Mossm can be quite surprising!


No Peeking

Mossms, like humans, are a bit picky about who they will mate with. Family members, obviously, are never considered to be a good mating partner. Only a male and a female Mossm can reproduce. In addition, Mossms must pay a dowry (of sorts) to their space colonies in order to reproduce.

Mossms cannot mate on this planet, they must return to space to mate. Their human protectors assist them with selecting both an appropriate time to mate and the perfect partner! As a result, there are never any surprise Mossm babies.


It's Science

At birth, Mossms are given scientific names that seem to be associated with their appearance. It's not the true definition of the term "breed" but we use it anyway to refer to a Mossm's appearance.

It may come as no surprise to learn that those silly Mossms came up with scientific names like:

  • Purring Raven Glacier,
  • Pixie Seafury Raven,
  • Orbital Aquasquirt, and
  • Elemental Fluff.
Because Mossms are not required to pair with any specific breed, there are a vast array of possible Mossm breeds to discover.

For breeders, this is good news. Because there are so many breed possibilities it is far less likely to discover a "rare" Mossm only to have it rapidly overpopulate the market shortly after discovery.


Working Hard

Mossms have to work for a living. In order to return to space they must pay for their transportation expenses and of course they must also pay the mating dowry if they choose to reproduce.

Mossms can earn the currencies required for space travel and the mating ritual by working. There are a variety of jobs that Mossms can do, not all of which seem much like work at all to us humans. For example, they might work at the Blossm factory raising and harvesting blossms or soak up the sun at the beach.


Yes, they eat

Mossms must eat to survive. If they are not fed they will go back to space.

In addition to survival, Mossms will need to stay well fed in order to breed. Starving Mossms can't reproduce.

A hungry Mossm will be entirely too fatigued to participate in the space travel required for mating.