Achievements are a series of fun side tasks or goals that the Mossms came up with to provide players with additional things to accomplish while progressing through the game.

By completing achievements you can earn the following special DNA traits:

  • Aristocrat Eyes
  • Checker Eyes
  • Wiggly Tail
  • Cottontail Tail
  • Underbrush Tail
  • Aquarius Ears
  • Mosswinkle Ears
  • Twilek Ears


You can find available achievements by clicking on the achievements link in the left side menu of your control panel.

When you arrive on this page you will find a menu on the left side of the page. In this menu you can see a list of the available achievements sorted by difficulty (sectors).

Achievement Sectors


Once you've found an achievement that looks interesting, click on the link in the left side menu to find out what you need to do to get the achievement.

Achievement Sectors


Once you've completed all of the tasks required for the achievement you will see the unlock notice in your control panel.


Your name will also appear for a while in the recent achievements scroller in the bottom right of your control panel.


Achievement Rewards

When you complete any of the following achievements you can earn a special reward. The reward available for completing it is indicated on the achievement page.

When you have earned an achievement reward it will appear in your control panel under the subheading "inventory." You can use the reward during any breeding session simply by checking the use button during breeding.