Every Mossm lover will need one of these handy devices. Without it you will be unable to hug or snuggle with your favorite Mossms.

Where Do I Get One?

Where To Put It?

Find your communicator in your inventory, it is called Mossm Communicator Mark II and it looks like this:

Attach your communicator anywhere on your avatar. Some of our favorite places to wear the communicator are:

  • On your chest like a star trek transmitter
  • On your HUD so you can see it
  • Under your shirt so you can't see it
  • In the middle of your bouffant hair
  • In your shoes
  • On your belt

Note: the default location is the center HUD, if you choose any other location you will have to edit it to look the way you want.

How Do I Use it?

Once you're wearing your communicator click any Mossm that you own and you'll be presented with a series of interactive things your Mossm can do with you including giving you a hug or attaching it to various locations on your avatar's body.

Mossm Snuggling

Clicking on any of the buttons in the menu above results in a corresponding interaction with your Mossm.

In the example below Asymmetrical is using the hold option and the Leg L option.


Communicator not working for you? Try these steps.

Usually the problem is that you need to be wearing the communicator before you go up to the Mossms, and it only works when the mossms are interested in you.

Generally, this will fix any communicator problem:

  1. Pick up a mossm into inventory, and take off the communicator, and go off somewhere away from all environments.
  2. Rez the mossm. Verify that the mossm just stands there and doesn't do anything. If the mossm does something, then that means you're still wearing a communicator or near some environments; if that's the case go back to step 1.
  3. Put the communicator on. Now the mossm will jump up and wave to you and stuff, you can now click the mossm and pick him up and interact with him.
  4. Now if you go back into the environments with the other mossms, the communicator will work (as long as the mossms are actually paying attention to you, which could take a bit for them to start paying attention to you)