If your Mossms are not version 1.12 or higher they are missing important fixes and features that you're not going to want to miss out on so you'll need to update them.

Get an Updater

To get an updater click here:

The Updater is not available at this time. If you have old versions of Mossms you can update them by deleting them then using our recovery system to get them replaced.

Update Your Mossms

Important: Please follow the update steps exactly as written below. Please do not jump ahead. Skipping steps may result in some of your Mossms not being updated.

  1. Pick a spot to do your updates. The spot needs to be far enough away from your environments that when mossms are rezzed in this spot, they won’t run for any nearby environments. 11 meters or more is recommended.
  2. Take off your communicator. If you're wearing a communicator, temporarily take it off. Make sure there isn't anybody else nearby wearing a communicator either. This is so that the updated Mossms will hold still and not run around immediately once they're rezzed.
  3. Rez the updater in your selected spot. The updater will automatically rez new updated versions of your mossms in a little circle around the updater, and the new mossms will stand there. The old mossms will be removed from your sim as the new ones are rezzed.
  4. Verify your environments are now empty. Sometimes the Mossms don't all disappear properly during step 2. You won't want any old Mossms running around because they don't have the cool new features and fixes. Go look in your environments and if you find any old Mossms in them, go ahead and delete them.
  5. Make sure you don't have any mossms missing. If you have any mossms missing you can get updated versions of those delivered to you by using Help > Recovery.
  6. Delete any old mossms in your inventory. You don't need them; you have the new versions now, and those old ones don't have all the cool new features and could cause version problems for you later if you accidentally rez them. Keep cryo pods.
  7. Move your newly updated mossms into the environments. After verifying that you have only newly updated Mossms and that you no longer have any old versions you can move them back to their environments or take them into inventory.

Note: You can update Mossms that are cryo frozen later. Please do not thaw them until you are ready for them to be thawed.

What About Cryo?

If you have Mossms in cryo, you just update them later. The updater updates any live Mossms you have that need updating. So you can just rez another updater later, and it'll take care of any that need an update, while leaving the rest alone. You can leave Mossms you have for sale in cryo un-updated and that'll be fine. The new owner can rez an updater to take care of them later.