What's Mossercise?

Be in the best shape you can be

Uranus Fitness Equipment Ltd. has teamed up with some of the top sports science minds in the galaxy to bring you Mossercise, a full body workout for people and Mossms working in harmony. Mossercise is one of the several activities that you need to do to level your Mossm for Mossm Racing.

It costs some resources to hold an exercise class. Up to 20 people can attend a class, so take turns with your friends and share!

How to Host a Mossercise Class

Let Others Enjoy Uranus Workouts

So you want to engage your core and hold a Mossercise class of your own? Daring to dream is the first step, so good for you!

  1. Purchase. Get your Mossercise stage. You can get that from the item store http://mossms.com/items/spo-mossercise/
  2. Assemble your people together. Get the people together who are going to participate in the Mossercise class. Up to 20 people and their Mossms can participate in a single class.
  3. Wear your Mossm on your Pelvis. Everyone who will participate needs to attach the Mossm they want to train on their Pelvis.
  4. Turn off your AO. Everyone that's participating in the class should probably deactivate their animation overrides so that they can get their glutes really pumped.
  5. Activate the class. Once everyone is ready, the owner of the Mossercise stage will click the Mossercise stage to activate it. A dialog will pop up asking the owner if everyone is ready and if they want to pay the activation cost (2995 SLK).
  6. Enjoy an amazing workout! At the end of the workout every participant will receive credit for their Mossercise.

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"When people get together and dance and exercise with their critters, and that's a beautiful thing-- that's Mossercise. Uranus works you hard!" - Uranus Fitness Equipment, Ltd.