Sometimes a male Mossm and a female Mossm will love each other very much, and fly away to a planet, and make a baby. This is True Love.

The offspring of a Mossm is based on the DNA of its parents, and also the planet on which it was conceived. Each planet has different characteristics it contributes to the DNA pool that could affect the appearance of the baby. The planet is like a third parent in terms of its DNA contribution.

Planet Selection

To begin the mating ritual you must select a planet to mate on. There are currently seven planets to choose from. Selecting a planet is simple:

  • Click the drop down menu and select a planet
  • Verify that you have enough resources for the planet you have chosen
  • That's it for planet selection!
Planet Selection

Select Mossms

Next we need to select two Mossms for mating. This is also very simple. You'll need to:

  • Select a female Mossm from the left side
  • Select a male Mossm from the right side
  • Once you're satisfied with your selections, click the Mate button
Mossm Mating Selection

Once you have clicked the "Mate" button your new Mossm baby will be delivered to you in Second Life. Please be aware, this is a live birth so we hope you will refrain from making babies if you are unwilling or unable to properly care for them.

Important Mossms cannot mate with family members. Ever. You can exchange mossms with other players or use new starter kits to satisfy your breeding needs.

That's It!

That's the basics of breeding.

Deep Knowledge

While the steps above are quite simple, creating unique and potentially rare Mossms may require a bit more study. To make the best of your breeding experience we encourage you to read our other documentation about Mossms. We recommend starting with these: * genetics * statistics.