We have some exciting changes today and wanted to tell you about them.

Thanks to all that scientific research the Mossm have discovered a new planet, Ionica, that is suitable for breeding. There are two new blends available on this planet. Breeding on the new planet requires a small amount of Splurt in addition to other resources so, if you've not been participating in collections you'll want to start right away! We hope this small change will help restore some secondary market value Mossms from the lower planets.

Today we are also making a significant change to the 2 eat free program. Starting today we are giving away 2 very cute Mossms. These Mossms are free to any group member, limit one per avatar. Note, they are non transferable so you'll need to bring your friends over to our sim to get their own. These new Mossms require no food and will not earn resources or breed. They are strictly pets. Players must visit our sim, join the community group and click the sign to receive the free Mossms.

We are also releasing Perma Pet power-ups today. We benchmarked against other breedables with Perma Pets and have priced ours a little less but still competitively at L$1995; however, for one week we are having a customer loyalty sale. For one week Perma Pet power-ups will cost L$200. The sale will end at the end of day on October 14 so be sure to get yours asap! Once purchased, Perma Pet power-ups will appear in your mossms.com inventory. You'll be able to apply the power-up to the Mossm of choice from the Mossm's web page. Note, Perma pets will not eat, will not earn resources and cannot be put in to cryo containers. They will continue to interact with environments and avatars though! Perma Pet power-ups are only for sale at our sim

Also, we are going to hold two Q&A session at our sim on October 20. One in the morning and one in the evening (SLT). We will discuss expected delivery dates for racing, upcoming plans for Mossms and answer your questions. Please watch the event calendar so you don't miss it.

Get out there and discover the new blends and come click the 2 Free Mossms sign, because they are adorable!