We are making some changes to the 2 Eat Free program that will go into effect early next week (most likely on Monday) We wanted to let you know in advance so you can prepare.

Going forward the free Mossms will be a specific type of Mossm that we will make available next week. These special Mossms will not eat, will not earn resources and will not breed but they will interact with all environment types and be fun to have around as pets. All other Mossms will once again require food.

Update: To address concerns raised after we made this announcement... we will be introducing Perma Pets at the same time that we release this update. It will cost L$1995 to turn a Mossm in to a perma pet. Perma pets can still use environments but will not be able to breed, eat or earn resources.

If you are currently playing Mossms for free and wish to remain a free player you will either need to get rid of or cryo your existing Mossms and replace them with the new special ones, or turn your existing Mossms in to perma pets.

One set of the new free speical Mossms will be available to everyone. Players who have not received one will also receive a starter furniture kit.

The 2 Eat Free Program has been a great tool for exposing new players to Mossms so we did not want to completely do away with it; however, we understand that it was causing some issues. We hope that this change will help resolve those problems while still making it easy and fun for new players to get started with Mossms.

Here’s the TLDR Recap:

  • Starting next week the free Mossms will be a new special Mossms.
  • The special Mossms will not eat.
  • The special Mossms will not breed.
  • The special Mossms will not earn resources.
  • The special Mossms will be free to anyone that wants them - one set per player.
  • The special Mossms will not be transferable. You’ll have to bring your friends to a kiosk to get the free Mossms.
  • All Mossms except for the new ppecial Mossms and the perma pets will require food to survive.