Remember all those Gradient Mossms you sent to Asymmetrical last week? We're using them to conduct a science experiment. We're exposing them to extreme amounts of radiation for as many days as possible so we can see if they are "suitable" for life in extreme climates!

We've setup a science lab in our office where the Mossms are busily roasting in tanning beds, keeping track of vitals and recording other information about how the Mossms are responding to extreme levels of radiation.

In order for this experiment to be successful we'll need your help! Here's what you need to do… In our office, located here there are several objects that look like exercise bikes. Every hour (at the top of the hour) we need as many people as possible to swing by, hop on one of those bike looking things and pedal for 3 minutes. Honking the horns and ringing the bells may or may not help-- it's science! Each time you contribute our science research total goes up. When it gets to 200 the experiment will be complete and we will reward all participants with a gift. Please come help as often as you can!