Exciting new features are coming to Mossms during the spring and summer of 2014!

Please join Progenitor and Asymmetrical for an in world discussion about these features.

When: March 15, 2014 at 10:00am SLT
Where: Mossms Sim
Topic: Upcoming Features

You won't want to miss this session! Here's what we'll be covering!

Eyes, Ears, & Tails

  • New eye designs that blink
  • Special rare eyes with captivating animations
  • New ear and tail options
  • New planets
  • New environments


  • Play in tournaments for prizes and glory
  • Form your own league, customize your league's trophies
  • Your advanced Mossm can coach other Mossms
  • Help your friends' Mossms train by cheering them on