Mossms have a truly unique DNA system in which three family generations, and the planet chosen to breed on can impact the outcome of a newly born Mossm.

Family Tree

You can see what a Mossm's ancestors look like on the Mossm's webpage. The ancestry is always displayed below the Mossm.

This is the ancestry for Catarina:

Important Ancestors

Known ancestors consist of parents, grandparents and great grandparents only. Sometimes a Mossm may not have a full line of ancestors. A players first non-starter babies, for example, will only have parents.

Ancestor's Traits

Any relevant ancestor can pass any of their traits but the parents genes carry the heaviest weights during breeding.

Family Matters

The parents and grandparents in a Mossm's line could have an affect on a newborn Mossm's appearance.

The planet that you choose to mate on is important too. When you're ready to learn about planets click the next button below: