This document consists of real questions that we receive on a regular basis. We will update this document from time to time as we receive more questions so you may want to check back often.

We've organized the questions into topics to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Game Play

Can my Mossms work in my friend's environments?
Yes! Mossms will work in any environment that they can find, no matter who the environment belongs to. Resources earned are awarded to the Mossm owner not the environment owner.

How much does food cost?
6 L$ per Mossm per day. There is no special food for breeding.

Can we share our food and/or resources?
No, we don't have any plans to implement food or resource sharing. The Mossms game progression is radically different from other breedables and we believe adding this feature would hurt the game progression.

Can we pay L$ for environments?
No. One of our primary goals as a game designer is to provide you, the player, with fun things to work on. We love L$ as much as the next guy but buying everything isn't much of a game. So, if you want to get environments faster, get more Mossms!

Do the "Unique" Mossms pass down their traits?
No but they can pass the traits from their parents and the traits listed in the Mossms DNA scan.

My baby Mossms didn't eat, how come?
Baby Mossms are delivered from the Mother Ship with a full tummy and won't need to eat the day you received it (or in other words, your first day of food for a baby is on us). Keep an eye on your food supplies because they will eat on the 2nd day.

It says I don't have enough food to make a baby, why?
Mossms won't have children if their is a risk of the baby starving. So, in order to make a new baby you must have enough food to cover all of your Mossms, including the new baby, for 3 days. For example, if you currently have 10 Mossms and you want a new baby you will need enough food for 11 Mossms for 3 days.

Can I mate my Mossms with my friend's Mossms?
No. Mating can only be done by Mossms that belong to a single owner. If you want to mate one of yours with one of your friends, consider trading.

Setup & Technical

Your Mossms walk up stairs and around walls, how come mine don't do that?
Mossms use a new SL feature called static pathfinding. If you want your Mossms to walk around walls instead of through them you will have to tell them how to do it. We've written a very basic pathfinding guide to get you started.

I have 80 Mossms moving around on my sim and there is no lag. What gives?
Mossms move using a new kind of movement that most people don't know about yet: Keyframed Motion. It's fairly new, and we're pretty certain that no other breedable uses this kind of movement. In the past, the only kind of movement was either non-physical (choppy) or physical. Physical movement can be very hard on a sim, in large part because of collisions, which is why you're used to lag when there are lots of breedables on your property.

How far apart can my environments be?
If you'd like for your Mossms to travel between environments, the environments must be 10 meters (or less) apart from one another.

Marketing & Advertising

I Love Mossms! Can I advertise them on my property?
We love you too and want to help you with this! Accordingly, we've made a fan kit that you can use on your property to show your enthusiasm. To get one, just open a support ticket to request a fan kit and one of our team will send it to you.

Do you have a sponsor program?
We used to have a sponsor program but now have a much simpler affiliate program. Read all about it here:

Staff & Employment

Which Second Life avatars work for Mossms?
Right now we have 4 team members: Asymmetrical, Progenitor, COOLBRAIN, & Buttercup.

Are you hiring?
At this time we are not hiring. If we find that we need additional help we will advertise accordingly.