What is Socializing?

"Socializing" is one part of the training program that Mossms go through for sports. It's an important part of what keeps Mossms happy during the demanding sports training. If you want socialization points, relax with friends and their Mossms in some of our special socialization environments. This is done using Salon environments.

Socializing is required for Mossm Racing starting at level 5.

Socialization Environments

How to get them

You can get special socialization environments from the items page, using resources. You can also use a friend's environment when they invite you over.

You can get Salon environments in our store.

Using a Salon

Do it in a secluded area with 2 friends

You should set up your Salon away from other Mossms. There should be no other Mossms wandering into the Salon area, or the system might get confused and give Socializing credit to the wrong mossm.

You need 3 people present to get credit for socializing in a Salon, so get a few friends together! Each person must rez their mossm near a salon environment, and all the salon environments should be pretty close together, ideally no more than 10-15m for the farthest ones.

Everything should happen automatically once enough people are present with their Mossms!

Note that every participating Mossm must be adult and version 1.15 or later.