Collections are just like they sound. You collect specific sets of Mossms and turn them in. When a collection is completed the player is rewarded with SPLURT, a resource used to purchase powerups for your Mossms. You can browse through the collection requirements by clicking the collections link from your control panel.

Difficulty Levels

Some collections are more difficult than others. Completing a more difficult collection will reward more SPLURT than completing easier collections. There are 5 difficulty levels. The easiest ones are categorized as Difficulty Alpha and the most difficult are Difficulty Zeta.

In addition, some (but not all) collections are repeatable.

Eligible Mossms

As you browse through the collections you'll be able to see if you have any Mossms that can be used in any collections. You'll also be able to see which collections a given Mossm is eligible for just by looking at the Mossms web page:

Once you've determined which collection you want to work on, you can turn in any eligible Mossms you may have. You turn in Mossms by sending them to space using an Ultraprobe-1000. You do not need to wait until you have the entire collection before turning in your Mossms.

Turn Ins

Once your Mossms have been sent to space you'll need to specify which collection you'd like the Mossm to be used in. To do that, navigate to the collection you want to work on and click the "Use in Collection" button.

Keeping Track

Once you've started working on a collection you'll be able to track your progress easily. Here's some ways to see what you've been doing:

  • When you first use a Mossm in a collection you'll receive a notice, in a green bar across the top of the page, that you've used the Mossm.
  • The corresponding box in the collection requirements will be checked or your progress will be noted noted. In the example below 1 of 2 is complete of this requirement is complete.
  • And On the left side of the screen, above the collection menu, there are links to collections that you have in progress but not yet complete.

Getting SPLURT

SPLURT is automatically rewarded when a collection is completed. Once you have enough SPLURT you can buy awesome DNA Technology for your Mossms.