Mossms work in environments. In exchange for their hard work, they earn resources. Resources can be exchanged for baby Mossms or used to buy more environments.

Mossms at Work

Different kinds of environments help mossms produce different kinds of resources:

  • Slack comes from rest and relaxing
  • Blossms from plant farming
  • Zip from exercising
  • Teq comes from high technology and other glowy things
  • Lux comes from participating in refined culture, luxurious things

When your mossms are in an environment, they're producing one of these resources. You can then use the resources to breed or to buy more environments.

Needing More

Each starter kit comes with one nursery environment and one or two adult environments. Only babies can use nursery environments, and only adults can use adult environments. The environments that come with your starter kit produce the Slack resource when your Mossms are working in them.

As your Mossm family grows you will run out of space in your starter environments. You may also discover that you want your Mossms to produce an additional type of resource. This means that you will need to acquire more environments.

Once you have saved up enough resources, getting new environments is easy. Just login in to Then go to the Items page. On the Items page, select an environment by clicking on it. Once you click on it, you'll be able to see if you have enough of the correct resource types to purchase it. If you do, click on the "Get it Now" button and it will be delivered to you in Second Life.

Buying Items

Important Make sure you are logged in to Second Life and don't have your "busy" tag on. Item delivery is much more reliable if you are logged in.


Here are some tips for keeping your Mossms working hard:

  • Keep your Mossms in environments as much as possible for maximum resource production
  • Mossms must be in an environment to earn resources
  • Mossms that are goofing off greeting visitors are considered to be working and are earning still earning resources. So, its OK to let them greet your guests
  • Baby Mossms can work in nursery environments but produce at only half the rate of adult Mossms
  • Mossms kept in inventory do not earn resources
  • When the babies grow up, they won't be able to use their nursery environments any more so put a couch or something nearby. Otherwise they will just stand still.
  • Be sure to read environment descriptions carefully. Some items cost more resources for good reason!
  • Environments must be within 10m of another environment in order for Mossms to travel from one environment to another.

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