Mossms food is stored in your online account at All of your Mossms share from the food supply.

Mossms eat 10 food per day. Mossms must eat to survive. If they are not fed they will abandon you and go back to space.

How to Feed

Feeding your Mossms is very simple. All you need to do is rez the food. That's it, you're done. The moment you rez the food your account will be credited for the amount of food you purchased.

Feeding is something you have to do often though, and we wanted that to be fun for you and for your Mossms. So... If you allow your table to fill up with Mossms then click the table and click through the dialogue the Mossms will enjoy the feast you have provided for them. When the Mossms have finished their animation sequence the table will delete itself. This is normal. Do not worry, your food is stil in your online account and your Mossms will not starve!

Food Supplies

You can keep track of your food supplies by logging in to your control panel at You'll be looking for something like this

Food Supplies

Or you can use the in-world resource counter that came with your starter kit to keep track of your food supplies.

Resource Counter


When your food supplies run low, you will need to buy more.

You can buy food for your Mossms at any of these locations.

If you forget to buy more food and your supply runs low, you will receive an inworld message reminding you to stock up. If you run out of food, your Mossms will abandon you. Be sure you don't let this happen!

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