To begin your Mossms adventure you will need to buy a starter kit from any of the following locations:.

Each starter kit comes with everything necessary for up to 14 days of game-play. You may choose kits with two, four, or six Mossms. In addition, you’ll get to select from one 5 different starter environments.

We know you’ll want to rush home to set up your starter kit, and why wouldn’t you? There’s nothing cuter than baby Mossms! Fortunately, we’ve made setup super easy!

Setup Steps

  1. Buy a starter kit at one of these locations.
  2. Unpack your starter kit. If you are new to SL and don’t know how to unpack your things, take a look at this link.
  3. Once unpacked, locate the baby environment (crib, dresser, toybox, bookshelf, or sink) in your inventory then rez it.
  4. Locate your baby Mossms then rez them near the environment.
  5. Locate your Mossms food then rez it. Your food is stored in an online account and it will be credited immediately when you rez the table. The table will disappear after the Mossms have finished celebrating. This is normal. The table is not needed after the Mossm food party is over.
  6. Login to In the control panel. verify that your food balance has been updated.
  7. Rez your adult environment (couch or chair) and set it within 10 meters of the baby environments.
  8. Now just enjoy your babies while they are little. They will grow up in 5 short days!

Stuff to Know

Here are some important numbers you should know about your Mossms:

  • Mossms grow up in 5 days.
  • Mossms eat 10 food per day each.
  • Adult mossms produce 10 resources (SLK, BLS, ZIP, TEQ) per hour, or 240 per day in an environment
  • Baby Mossms produce 5 SLK per hour when slacking in nursery environments, because they're little.

If you're starting out with a starter kit it will take 5 days before you can start harvesting blossms, because the blossm environments are all adult environments, and babies take 5 days to grow up.

Basic Concepts

At first glance Mossms may seem complicated. Fortunately, that isn't really true at all! There are a just few basic concepts:

  • Mossms need to eat to survive
  • Mossms work in environments
  • Mossms earn resources while working in environments
  • Resources are exchanged for Mossm babies or new environments

Learning More

Now that we've covered the four basic concepts, we'll break them down further for you. Click the next button below to keep learning.