There are a couple of different ways you can sell Mossms live, aside from auctions:

Merchant Display Block

The easiest way to sell a Mossm live is the Merchant Display Block. This is a little object your Mossm can stand on in the marketplace. These come in starter kits, and are also available here:

  • When clicked, your Mossm will shows its stats and web link
  • Makes your mossm stand still without roaming around
  • 1 Land impact

If you're using a Merchant Display Block, you don't need a Stat Transmitter.

Note: Sometimes when you list a Mossm for sale, clicking the Mossm brings up the Buy window, instead of showing the Mossm's stats and information. You can right click on the Mossm in that case and click Touch to see the stats. It's up to you as the seller to decide what the default click action is-- touch or buy. You can set that in the properties window for the Mossm you are selling.

Selling Mossms in Environments

You can also sell Mossms in any kind of environment. You can get a Stats Transmitter so that when the Mossms are clicked, the player that clicked them will see stats and a web link.

Do I Need One?

Yes! We can think of a number of reasons why you might want this, the most obvious ones being:

  • Anyone selling live Mossms will likely want their perspective customers to easily see a Mossm's stats.
  • Non-Sponsors that run live auctions will also want their bidders to easily see a Mossm's stats.