Power ups can be purchased through the item store with the SPLURT you've earned by turning in collections.

Once you've earned enough SPLURT to buy power ups you can use them through your control panel at mossms.com.


Once you've purchased some power ups they will appear on your control panel in the inventory section next to your resources.

Using Power Ups

Trait power ups will be used during a breeding session. Using a trait power up during a breeding session guarantees the trait. In the example below we are going to be breeding Amitie and Currie on Catania with the shine power up selected.

Stat power ups will be used directly on the Mossm of your choice. In the example below we will apply the +1 oomf power up to Ailee. The result is guaranteed.

Particle color power-ups can only be used during breeding if at least one of the parents have particles in the DNA OR you are using a particle power-up at the same time.

Combining Power Ups

During a single breeding session you may want to combine multiple power ups. You can totally do this! For example you may want to add the rainbow color power up and the shine power up. You can mix and match trait type power ups but you cannot have multiple of the same trait type. No double particles on a single Mossm!

You'll definitely want to combine particle color power ups with particle type power ups to change, unless you like our default color choices, of course. In the example below we are combining the Zap particles with the colors yellow and green (all particles can have two colors).