Sometimes you'll want to save a Mossm for later use. A cryo pod can freeze your Mossm for an unlimited amount of time; however, Mossms in cryo pods cannot earn resources and do not eat. So we recommend that you only use this option if you're sure you won't need the Mossm for a while.

How to Get it

You can purchase cryo pods with resources you've earned on the item store.

How to Use It

Freezing a Mossm is simple, just follow these steps:
  • Rez the cryo pod at least 11 meters away from your other Mossms and environments
  • Rez the mossm you want to freeze next to the cryo pod
  • Wait for the mossm to find and sit on the cryo pod
  • Click the cryo pod
  • Click the cryo freeze button in the resulting menu
  • That's it!


You'll know your Mossm is ready for freezing when it looks like this:

A cryo pod has information about the Mossm that is inside of it. The little swatch on top shows the coat of the Mossm and the dots on the front indicate whether the mossm is male or female. Pink represents female and blue represents a male:

Tips & Tricks

  • If your Mossm ignores the cryo pod and wants your attention -- move away from the Mossm. It will find its way to the cryo pod when the distractions (you) are gone.
  • Don't try to freeze your mossm around other mossms. The cryo pod doesn't magically know which Mossm you want to freeze and you'll have chaos on your hands!
  • Mossms can not be put back into cryo for 24 hours after being thawed