On April 24, 2018 (that’s tomorrow) we will be introducing a new way to complete the monthly breeding challenges. We’re super excited about this change and hope you will be too. Going forward, you won’t have to wait a month (or longer) to receive your prize(s) once you’ve completed the challenge.

Here’s how it will work:

We will no longer be posting breeding challenges on the forums. When a new challenge is introduced it will appear on the left side navigation menu in the control section of the website. It will include all of the rules for qualification, just like the forums did.

When you’ve successfully completed either the basic or advanced breeding challenge (or both) you will be able to scan your Mossm yourself using a new DNA scanner environment that will become available tomorrow. The DNA scanner will be available for purchase in the items section of the website in the TEQ category.

To scan your Mossm you’ll need to rez your new DNA Scanner. We recommend doing this far away from your other environments. If it is too close to other environments your Mossm may decide it doesn’t want to be scanned right now but would prefer to play in the pool! Once your DNA scanner is rezzed. Rez the Mossm you want to scan near the scanner. If no other environments are nearby your Mossm will walk in to get scanned. Once the Mossm is in position, simply click the DNA scanner. If your Mossm qualifies your prize will be immediately sent to you. If the Mossm does not qualify you’ll be notified and will need to take a closer look at the rules for qualification and try again.

If you are new to Mossms or don’t keep a large quantity of them, the DNA scanner may not be affordable to you. Please don’t worry. You can use someone else’s DNA scanner. Just ask around in the group or maybe Dave and Roy will build a hospital that everyone can use! ;)