The Mossms 3rd Annual Snowblowing Extravaganza has begun!

Here's how it works. Login to the website then go to your Adventure Journal. On the Adventure Journal there are a list of locations that you can visit. Go to each location and find the Snowblowing Extravaganza kiosk and click on it to receive a prize. You may visit each kiosk once every 4 hours. Be sure to check your Adventure Journal often so you can keep track of your progress. Note: If you are not logged in to the website you will not be able to track your progress.

After you have collected all of the required prizes you will be rewarded with an excellent Christmas surprise!

Be sure to check your Adventure Journal often. New locations to visit will be popping up over the coming hours!

IMPORTANT : Do not open the stockings or gift boxes. Those are environments that the Mossms interact with and opening them will break them

We are aware that a couple of the website images are broken but this will not inhibit your ability to finish the event. We'll fix the images as soon as we can!