As part of our ongoing commitment to give you plenty of things to look forward to during your Mossms game-play we have added a few new achievements and collections.

The new achievements are:

Everyone Loves Parades
Oh Christmas Tree
Dash My Wig
Pick a Color Already
Large Genus
I See Dots

In addition we have updated the following achievements that were previously impossible to achieve if you were not a customer before a certain date:

Trick or Treating Veteran
This one's on the House!

Tomorrow, April 25, 2017, we will be running a script that will award these achievements to any player that has already completed them and will send an announcement when that process is complete. So, if you see one that is not checked but should be, please wait til after we run the update then verify that you have received credit for it before reporting it to us.

The following collections have been added:

Gear Ratio Matters
Its Electric
Hibiscus Grove

Progenitor and I will be traveling from April 27-May 2. When we return we will work on adding more achievements, including some repeatable ones plus some new collections and new achievement rewards. Since this involves making new content you can expect to see those around mid may.