We have made an update to Mossms that addresses the "Sorry I cannot find a Mossm to become" issue that customers are seeing when trying to rez embryos. There are times when you are supposed to see this message, for example: if you try to rez an embryo that is not yours or if you do not have any open tickets for embryos but you should not be seeing it when making new babies, opening cryo pods or doing recoveries. This new update resolves the issue.

The fix is contained within emrbyo version 1.16 which will now be delivered from the mother ship when doing recoveries, opening cry pods or creating newborn Mossms.

Unlike an embryo, alive Mossms already know who they are so they are not affected by this issue. That means you do not need to update your 1.15 Mossms. In fact, you don't have to do anything at all! You will automatically be delivered 1.16 Mossms as needed and any 1.15 that are currently in world (or in inventory) that are not an embryo will continue to work as normal.

We hope this fix makes your Mossm time a bit more enjoyable!