Every year we run a Christmas event where we send you to several locations to collect christmas and winter themed prizes.

We need volunteers willing to have lots and lots of visitors pass through their land. I'm looking for 20 volunteers to host this year.

The event will begin around 12pm SLT on December 10th and will run through January 1. Volunteers will be given a kiosk that needs to be rezzed a few days before the event begins.

If you're interested in hosting please review the requirements below. If you are OK with these requirements and want to host please post on this thread. I will take the first 20 people to post, assuming you meet the alive Mossm requirement.


  • You must have at least 10 Mossms alive at your location and they must be near the area where your visitors will arrive.
  • You must decorate for Christmas.
  • You must be willing to let anyone and everyone (no matter how much you dislike them) pass through your land during the event. (This
  • means you'll have to turn off security devices and turn off ban lines on your property. In addition if you have community members banned you must lift the ban for the duration of the event. )
  • If your property is on an adult region, there must be no adult content visible from your kiosk/mossm location.