Yesterday, the service that hosts conducted maintenance that caused a variety of problems for Mossms including failed deliveries, failed recoveries, Mossms not checking in and not earning resources for approximately 15 hours. We have fixed these problems and everything is working properly again. Whew!

You should have received items that were ordered during that time. If not, please open a ticket and we will gladly resend them.

In addition, we have given 24 hours of Lux and 24 hours of food to each player with alive Mossms. This covers the 15 hours of failed resource earning and an additional 10 hours of resources. The extra 10 hours is a gift from us as our way of apologizing for the disruption. The amount of Lux and food you received is based on the number of Mossms you had alive over the last several days. As a reminder, you can convert Lux to any other type of resources so you can use it however you like.

From all of us here at Mossms, we offer our sincerest apologies for the disruption and really appreciate your patience and kindness while we worked it out.