We are pleased to announce that beginning in March, 2017 we are bringing back the monthly breeding challenges!

Last year we offered monthly breeding challenges for most of the year. For those of you that were not with us for those challenges or were not aware of them, this is how they worked: We (Team Mossms) requested that participants breed a Mossm with a specific blend, a specific color combination and a specific particle. Those that completed the challenge were awarded a normal Mossm (one of our existing blends) that came with a particle. The particle was only obtainable through the challenge (or by breeding once awarded). In addition, we offered a secondary more difficult challenge where we requested that the Mossm also have a specific eye. Players who were able to complete the more difficult challenge were awarded a special eye powerup in addition to the Mossm with the special particle.

The breeding challenges were fun for many and helped stimulate the secondary market but we believe that the challenges did not encourage good breeding habits and that the prizes were not as good as they could have been, so this year we are going to do it a little bit different. All challenges will focus on traits from Toxito, Black Starlight and Faunarosa. These are the mid-level planets. This will be more challenging for smaller breeders because of the resource requirements to breed on those planets. In addition we will have very specific color 1 and color 2 requirements where last year any combination of the colors was acceptable. This will challenge the larger breeders knowledge of our breeding system and should still present a decent challenge.

This year we will not have particle rewards. Particles were always meant to be “just for fun” which is why they pass so easily. We never meant for particles to be a requirement for anything and unwittingly made them a requirement by including them in the breeding challenges. So, we will only be using particles in special Mossms going forward.

The rewards for this year’s challenges will be 2 new blends. The blends will only be available through the breeding challenge (or by breeding once awarded). The blends will pass on Black Starlight or higher. For the first 5 months (March - July) the reward will be a new Polka-Dot blend and the color combination of the reward Mossm will change each month. Beginning in August we will have a new blend for the remaining half of the year and the Polka-Dot blend will be retired. For those that like the harder challenges we will have special eyes again that will also only pass on Black Starlight or higher and will also receive a pet power-up. And finally, all rewards will be delivered after the challenge is over. So for example, if you complete March’s challenge your reward will be delivered on April 1.

We will not announce the specific breed or color combination required for a specific month’s challenge until the last day of each month (except for the March challenge which we are announcing today). That said, you all know what blends and eyes are on those planets (or can find it in our documentation) and can hopefully use that knowledge to start moving Mossms on the secondary market again.

So without further ado, here is the breeding challenge for March, 2017 and the rules for qualification:

Challenge: Breed a Zebra blend Mossm where color 1 is yellowgreen and color 2 is lemon. The prize for completing this challenge is a yellowgreen-lemon polkadot blend (Picture Below).

Secondary Challenge: Breed the challenge Mossm above with electron eyes. The prize for the completing the secondary challenge is a new darkblue reptile eye and a pet powerup.

  1. Colors must be in the correct order, if you do not know how to tell please read this document: Mossm Traits
  2. You must post the URL of your Mossm in the forum thread for this month’s challenge.
  3. You can only win once.
  4. If you win the Secondary Challenge you do not get an extra prize Mossm.
  5. You must breed the Mossm yourself.
  6. You must still own the Mossm at the end of the challenge. If you don’t want to feed it, put it in a cryo-pod until the challenge is over! If you don’t own it I
  7. won’t be able to tell if you completed the challenge and you won’t get your reward.
  8. Prizes will be delivered the day after the challenge is over.