On April 10 at 12:00 SLT (That's midday SL Time) we will launch our annual Easter egg hunt event. If you're new to Mossms and missed the easter themed environments from years past you'll want to come by and find some eggs! As always, we have one new environment available and an Easter themed Mossm for those that complete the hunt.

Here's what you need to know:

We've hidden Easter eggs all around our store. Find them and get free gifts! You get a prize for each one you find. If you find 13 you get a grand prize! Please be aware, your last gift and the grand prize will arrive at the same time so be sure to accept both.

Teleport to Mossm Headquarters to get started!


Note: The easter egg prizes are environments that your Mossms interact with. Please don't open them. Just rez them near some Mossms!

Another Note: There are 20 eggs scattered about the sim. You only need to find 13. If one egg doesn't work for some reason just move on to the next one to complete your event

One More Note:The easter event will last for 2 weeks. We will close the event at the end of day on April 23rd.

Happy Easter from Team Mossms!