April is a busy month for Team Mossms. We will be doing our annual Easter event, our 4 year anniversary event (The Parade of Mossm Homes) and we are also introducing 3 new blends and a new set of eyes.

We will launch our Easter event on April 10th and as usual will have at least one new environment and one new limited edition Mossm up for grabs. Environments from previous easter events will be available again for the duration of the event.

April 13th is our 4 year anniversary and we will be celebrating with our annual Parade of Mossm Homes event. For this event we ask 25 Mossm Community members to decorate their homes or businesses in celebration of our anniversary. Community members are then directed to each of these volunteer locations where they will collect Mossm related prizes. We will begin taking signups to participate as a host for this event on April 5. Please note, we require that hosts be active Mossm players and have Mossms on display at their location. This is, afterall, a Mossm celebration!

Most of you already know but we have reinstated the Monthly breeding challenge and are awarding successful participants with a new polkadot blend. The polkadot blend will only be available through breeding challenges and through normal breeding once awarded. The polkadot blend will pass on Black Starlight (or higher). Polkadot mossms in varying color combinations will be awarded for breeding challenge winners through July. Beginning in August we will have a new blend available for the breeding challenge and polkadot will be retired. The first polkadot blends will be delivered to successful participants on March 30, 2017.

We are also introducing a new set of Reptile eyes. These eyes will only be available through the breeding challenges and through normal breeding once awarded. The new reptile eyes will pass on Black Starlight (or higher). A new color of reptile eye will be released each month through the rest of 2017. The first Reptile eyes will be delivered to successful breeding challenge participants on March 30, 2017.

On April 7 the cow blend will be removed from Toxito and retired. Cows will only be available going forward by breeding existing cows on Toxito or higher. If you’ve not completed your cow related collections and achievements now would be a good time to do so. It will become more difficult after cow is retired. The cow blend will replaced with the new Gearhead blend and will be available on Toxito beginning on April 7.

For the more advanced players, we are adding the Kaleidoscope blend to the item store. The Kaleidoscope blend will work just like the Hibiscus blend. You’ll need to purchase the power-up from the item store then apply the power-up to a breeding session on Ionica to get your first Kaleidoscope baby. Like Hibiscus it will only be available between the 1st and 7th days of each month so save your resources and splurt, you’ll want to pick it up on release day (April 7) or you’ll have to wait til May! Kaleidoscope will only pass on Ionica and the resource costs for the power-up and breeding will be the same as Hibiscus.

Please keep an eye on our blog, we have quite a bit planned for the coming months like new achievements, collections and achievement rewards plus some very special items that will be available for purchase. Stay tuned, we’ll update you on the progress of those items soon! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new blends.