Today, in advance of our highly anticipated racing release we are introducing a Mossm update that includes the following things:

  • A toggle, on your Mossm's web page, to turn particles on or off.
  • A limit or home range setting that will force your Mossm to remain in small designated areas. This feature is found on the Mossm's web page.
  • Fixes to the Mossm brain & Communicator making interacting with your Mossms easier.
  • The ability to ride your Mossm, which will be useful for racing.

Which Mossms Should I Update?

You do not need to update every single Mossm that you own. You will only need to update alive Mossms that require one of the features enumerated above.

Mossms currently in cryo pods will update automatically when opened so please do not open all of your cryo pods right now unless you actually want them opened.

1.13 Mossms that are earning resources and do not need one of the features identified above do not need to be updated.

How do I Update My Mossms?

Updating is simple just do the following:

  • Go to Recovery screen
  • Find the Mossm(s) you would like to update and check the box next to it
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "submit request" button
  • Rez the embryo you receive
  • That's it.

When you rez the 1.15 embryo the 1.13 version should disappear. If for some reason dupe detection fails and you end up with two of the same Mossm don't panic! It won't hurt anything and you won't get extra resources by having two copies. To resolve a dupe problem simply delete the 1.13 version.

How Do I use the New Features?

The new features are all very simple to use. Here are the instructions for each

Particle Toggle: Go to the Mossm's web page. Find the Options button and click it then check the box next to show particles, click the save button then re-rez your Mossm. To turn particles back on, repeat the same steps.

Limit Range: Go to the Mossm's web page. Find the Options button and click it then select a limit range from the drop down, click the save button then re-rez your Mossm. To select a different limit range, repeat the same steps.

Riding your Mossm: Rez it, right click on it, select sit, then use arrow keys to move around.

Mossm Communicator Enhancements: Get an updated communicator here. Wear it. Find a Mossm that you want to interact with that belongs to you. Click the Mossm and wait for it to walk over to you. Once it arrives, click the Mossm again to activate the interactions (hugs, etc...) menu.