Racing is Here! We’re so excited to finally have it ready and we know it will be an immense amount of fun for everyone. Horray!

Below is a brief summary of how the new system works. We highly recommend that you also take a moment to review the more detailed information and instructions contained in our Racing Guide. We love talking to you all and answering your questions and we expect for there to be lots of them so we ask that you please take the time to read the documentation so we don't miss questions that are not covered in the documentation. Thanks!

Mossm Racing Speed & Levels

Every Mossm now has a racing level which can be found on the right side of the Mossms web page. All Mossms start at level one. There are 50 racing levels available to each mossm and each level provides an increase to the Mossms racing speed.

Raising your Mossms level requires that you participate in some activities each level. These activities include socializing in some salons, visiting the Mossm Park, Exercising with your Mossms and at later levels, applying Teq Infusion power-ups to your Mossms. The requirements for each level are posted on your Mossms Racing sheet which can be accessed by clicking on the grey box that says Mossms Racing .

Racing Skill Boosters

As we mentioned above, your Mossms level affects its racing speed. In addition racing speed can be increased further as follows:

  • Strength + Dex provide a bonus to racing skill.
  • The blend type provides a bonus to racing skill. Harder blends provide larger bonuses.
  • Ancestors with the same blend as the mossm will provide a bonus to racing skill. The more ancestors with the same blend the larger the bonus.
  • Eyes, Ears & Tail traits provide a bonus to racing. Harder traits provide larger bonuses.
  • Particles provide a bonus to racing. All particles provide the same bonus.
  • Unique Mossms provide a bonus to racing. Harder Uniques provide larger bonuses.

Leveling Items

Exercise will take place with the Mossercise event. Players can purchase (with resources) Mossercise equipment and host exercise events. In addition, it will cost resources to start a Mossercise event. But quite a few people can attend a Mossm event once it's started, so work together and take turns hosting these!

Relaxing takes place at the Mossms sim at the Mossm Park, which will be located in Mossm Headquarters. The Mossm park is open once per hour at the top of the hour and can hold up to 15 participants. There is only one one Mossm Park and it is located at Mossm HQ, and players won't be able to host their own.

Socializing will take place in salon environments. Players can purchase salon environments and host socializing events. Some of the salon environments will cost regular resources and some will cost regular resources plus Splurt.

TEQ Infusion will not be required until your Mossm reaches level 10. TEQ infusion is a power up that must be applied to your Mossm to make it stronger and faster. It will be purchased with resources.


It is up to you, the players, to create your own race tracks and host your own racing events. We encourage players to create and host leagues of their own and to create and distribute prizes for their participants. You might make some fun leagues, like the all-girl-all-pink racing league!

We will also host a monthly racing event at Mossms HQ. This has not been scheduled yet. We will do so immediately following the holidays.

Leveling Rewards

As your Mossms level up you will receive some rewards for your efforts. Here are a list of rewards:

  • At level 25 your Mossm will receive the "Eye of the Tiger." The Eye of the Tiger is a passive trait infused in to your Mossm. Eye of the Tiger provides a racing skill bonus to the Mossm and can pass racing benefits on to its offspring.
  • At level 50 your Mossm will receive the "Blood of the Champion." The Blood of the Champion is a passive trait infused into your Mossm. The Blood of the Champion provides a racing skill bonus to the Mossm and can pass racing benefits on to its offspring. This is a larger bonus than Eye of the Tiger.
  • Splurt will be rewarded every 5 levels starting at level 10. The higher a Mossm goes, the more she gets.

Note: Eye of the Tiger and Blood of the Champion appear in the DNA scan, but are not visible on the Mossm in-world.

New Blend

A new blend, Hibiscus, is now available for purchase in the item store but there is a catch… It is only available for purchase for the first 7 days of each month. Hibiscus will only pass on planet Ionica.

Happy Racing!