Mossm Racing is a fun way to make new friends and have a good time! We're starting a new event that's perfect for you if you're just getting started. Training is starting now for a Mossm race that will be held around Valentine's Day 2016.

Even if racing isn't your thing, you'll have fun just with the training. The training involves several different activities you do with your Mossm and other people. There's frolicking in the Mossm Park. There's a silly Mossercise dance/exercise class. Also there's relaxing in a Mossm salon where your Mossm will give you massages, pedicures, hair styles, do your nails, and other fun things.

Stop by the Mossm Park at the start of any hour and take a look at the folks playing with their Mossms to train them. You might find it looks fun and feel like joining in!

We're limiting the Valentine race to only pink Mossms, and only blends from planet 3 or lower. If you're new to Mossms, that means this is easy to get started with.

You have one month to train your Mossm and make it as fast as you can before the race around Valentine's Day. Maybe grab a friend and do this racing thing together. You'll meet new people and have fun with it!

To get started, you can either make the Mossm yourself, or get one from the Mossm Marketplace. That means it can either be a solid coat, or any of these blends: Gradient, Camo, Tiger, Cheetah, Zebra, Curly, Cow. At least one of the colors in the Mossm needs to be pink. You'll need food for your Mossm, or else you can make it a permapet so you don't have to feed it. Food, starter kits and everything you need are available at Mossm Headquarters and from Mossm affiliates. So get or breed your Mossm, and head over to its first training session at the Mossm Park today!


Mossm Headquarters - a great place to get started:
Mossm Community - join our group and ask questions
Mossm Park is located at Mossm Headquarters, and is open the first 10 minutes of every hour.
What is Mossms?
Mossm Racing Guide