The 2015 Relay For Life (American Cancer Society) Christmas Expo is underway and Mossms is happy to be contributing to the cause. This year's expo theme is "A Frozen Christmas." Accordingly we have donated two snowy items. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these items go to the RFL and the American Cancer Society. You can find our display at the expo here.

The first item we donated is a special snow mossm environment. If you buy this item and put your Mossms in it they will earn slack and it will hold up to 7 Mossms. This item costs L$500 and is available in our display area at the expo here. Please note that this is a special item specifically to benefit the RFL and it will not be available again so be sure to get yours before the expo ends.

The second item is a special snowflake mossm with a snowflake particle. This item is available by participating in the Hunt for the Bells hunt at the Expo. It costs L$10 and comes with 5 days of food.

This item is also only available during the RFL Expo.

Update:If you purchase the Mossm the vendor we were provided will create a folder in your top level inventory titled "Mossms Hunt For The Bells." The item will not appear in your objects folder.