Mossms are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and you're invited to the party!

Every hour, at the top of the hour, the Mossms will begin dancing on the center platform at our sim. If you join them for the dance you can win some prizes! The first time you dance with the Mossms you’ll get a new St Patrick’s themed Unique Mossm. If you come back to dance with them there is a chance to win a special new environment! It might take a few tries to win the environment - so come back every hour!

There number of available dance slots is limited so you might want to arrive early or plan your visit during off hours.

Also - There are some clovers scattered around Mossms HQ. If you find them and click on them you can win The drinking game, the beer stein and the pot of gold environments. Please note there are more clovers on the ground than available prizes. You only need to find 3 clovers to win them all.

The St. Patrick’s Day event will remain open through March 31, 2017 so there is plenty of time to collect your prizes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!